Introducing Recommend: Self-Learning, Dynamically Generated Content Experiences

LookBookHQ Recommend ensures that your prospects always see the next best content asset, whenever and wherever they engage. Based on proprietary Content Science™, Recommend’s self-learning algorithm automatically selects the content that gets presented to the visitor in the LookBookHQ Content Experience and optimizes the chances that you'll engage and convert visitors with your content. Nick Edouard shows how it works.

A Balanced Diet for Modern Marketing Success: Healthy Lessons from Oracle MME

Matt Everson looks back at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 and compares modern marketers to master chefs who creatively combine ingredients to create effective strategies and serve up full courses of campaigns and programs that their audiences can’t wait to sink their teeth into. 

Thomson Reuters: Our First Year with LookBookHQ

Ramona Farrell, Campaign Marketing Operations Director for Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk, looks back on her team’s first year using the LookBookHQ platform. Ramona discusses the results, milestones and lessons learned along the way.


Geek out with Chris: Part 1

Hi, my name is Chris and I love technology and creating killer marketing programs, processes and campaigns that convert and drive revenue. In this new blog series, I’ll share the problems I’m solving (because chances are they’re problems you’ve had too) and the creative ways my marketing team is using content engagement to drive qualified demand and identify sales-ready buyers.

4 Things You Can Learn about Personalization from a 6 Year Old

Recently, while discussing inside sales strategies, a very wise and successful head of worldwide business development said to me, “Leigh, you have to make every call personal. You have to focus on personalization.”  This definitely resonated with me. For my business development team, personalization means knowing more than just someone’s name before you make a call. It means researching the company, where they are located, recent news releases, new hires, new products, etc. Heck, if I could, I’d find out what baseball team they cheer for and what they had for lunch! 

From Love at First Sight to Lasting Value: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Marketing Tech Investment

We’ve all been there. You fall truly, madly, deeply in love with that hot new technology that all the cool kids are using and you’ve got to have it. But at some point, the “love at first sight” phase comes to an end, and you realize that in order to see the rewards, you’ll have to actually start using it! Wait… it’s not auto-magic???

Explaining Modern Marketing to My Mom: Part 4

This latest post is inspired by an email I received from my mom Julia just before the holidays. It went like this: 

Dear Martha, when I give my email out to places like Shoppers*, I expect to receive an occasional email, but I am finding that they are coming daily. I will have to unsubscribe, but it’s too bad for the company: If they didn’t overdo it, I would have been happy to keep hearing from them.  

Take a virtual snow day!

A crackling fire, a steaming cup of (spiked) hot chocolate and a blanket of snow piling up outside… Who doesn’t love a snow day? It’s time to get jolly and test your knowledge of the white stuff. We’ve put together the definitive list of fun facts you’ll want to share at your next holiday party. Awkward silence? No problem! Did you snow….

10 Tips for Improving Your Form Strategy

For B2B marketers, forms are a necessary evil for converting anonymous traffic to known contacts, fast tracking a lead to sales, starting a free trial or registering people for a webinar or event. Forms may be needed, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the experience better for our prospective buyers. Here are 10 tips for how to get forms right.