Your B2B Buyer's Journey Shouldn’t Be Like Pokemon Go

What the Pokemon Go craze can tell B2B marketers about their approach to finding and capturing that rare and elusive creature: the qualified, sales-ready buyer. Learn why marketers need to "level up" when it comes to educating their prospects and finding truly engaged buyers among the much more common casual researchers and tire kickers. 

Marketing Matters: A 5-Part Series on Marketing Tactics That Work

Tapping into our firsthand experience as B2B marketers ourselves, as well as our recent experiences “on the ground” working with world-class marketing clients, the Client Success Team at LookBookHQ is excited to bring you a new 5-part blog series that looks at the challenges B2B marketers face every day and the proven tactics you can use to increase the effectiveness of your programs and campaigns.

Redefining Sales Readiness: New Research Report

In this new white paper by Demand Gen Report and LookBookHQ, we take an in-depth look at the latest research on B2B buyers’ content consumption behavior and what it can tell marketers about the sales-readiness of their prospects. Learn cutting-edge tactics to engage today’s fast-moving buyers and identify your most qualified leads.


4 Fashion Tips to Make Your B2B Marketing Content Pop

Is your B2B content worthy of the fashion runway, or does it, if you’re being honest, come across as a little dowdy, grey and drab, more fit for an episode of What Not to Wear? A fashionista and student of B2B brands and storytelling offers tips for how to give your B2B content a makeover. Want your content to really pop? Here are 4 things to keep in mind.

[eBook] The New Rules of Content Engagement

LookBookHQ has teamed up with Oracle Marketing Cloud to publish The New Rules of Content Engagement: Secrets to Identifying Your Most Qualified Leads. In this new eBook, we look at how the new era of content engagement is changing the playbook for marketers, and the new rules you need to learn to better understand the content preferences of your buyers – and pinpoint your hottest leads.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Lead Scoring (Hint: It’s about Better Data)

Demand Gen Report recently released their 2016 Lead Scoring Survey Report sponsored by Act-On Software. Nearly half of the marketers surveyed admitted their lead scoring initiatives need improvement, and fewer than 2 in 10 ranked their programs as highly effective. Here are 4 things that can improve the quality of your lead scoring program.

Introducing Recommend: Self-Learning, Dynamically Generated Content Experiences

LookBookHQ Recommend ensures that your prospects always see the next best content asset, whenever and wherever they engage. Based on proprietary Content Science™, Recommend’s self-learning algorithm automatically selects the content that gets presented to the visitor in the LookBookHQ Content Experience and optimizes the chances that you'll engage and convert visitors with your content. Nick Edouard shows how it works.

Catching the Next Big Wave: What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Surfing

A B2B marketing expert and surfer shares a few thoughts on what surfing can teach us about B2B marketing, and offers tips to get you surfing like a pro for your next marketing program or initiative.

A Balanced Diet for Modern Marketing Success: Healthy Lessons from Oracle MME

Matt Everson looks back at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 and compares modern marketers to master chefs who creatively combine ingredients to create effective strategies and serve up full courses of campaigns and programs that their audiences can’t wait to sink their teeth into. 

Thomson Reuters: Our First Year with LookBookHQ

Ramona Farrell, Campaign Marketing Operations Director for Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk, looks back on her team’s first year using the LookBookHQ platform. Ramona discusses the results, milestones and lessons learned along the way.


Geek out with Chris: Part 2

In this post, Chris shares some cool ways you can use the content engagement data captured by LookBookHQ within your marketing automation platform to juice up your campaigns, supercharge your lead scoring model and expedite sales-ready buyers to sales.


Geek out with Chris: Part 1

Hi, my name is Chris and I love technology and creating killer marketing programs, processes and campaigns that convert and drive revenue. In this new blog series, I’ll share the problems I’m solving (because chances are they’re problems you’ve had too) and the creative ways my marketing team is using content engagement to drive qualified demand and identify sales-ready buyers.

LookBookHQ Content Experiences and SEO: How Much Does SEO Really Matter?

This post addresses the basics of SEO and the LookBookHQ platform, answers some common questions our prospects and customers regularly ask, and provides tips and tricks for making your content experiences easier for your audience to find.