Video Q&A with Nikki Nixon of #FlipMyFunnel on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Nikki Nixon of #FlipMyFunnel fame sat down with Chris Vandermarel for a wide-ranging video chat about the challenges marketers face in capturing and holding on to buyer attention today. Hear Nikki’s insights on the evolving role of micro-content, personalization and video, and why “no one expects B2B to be on Snapchat or Facebook Live.”

Fast Five: Q&A with Brandi Seich of DHL Supply Chain on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Brandi Seich, Manager, Marketing Operations at DHL Supply Chain answers five quick questions on marketing in the Attention Economy. Hear how predictive analytics, personalization and retargeting play a role in sustaining buyer attention, and why marketers need to deliver the right message at the right time as succinctly as possible.

Infographic: The Impact of Attention Scarcity on Modern Marketing

This infographic takes a deep dive into the latest research on marketing in the Attention Economy. For marketing and sales, attention is everything. If you can’t cut through the noise with your content, how can you ever hope to educate your buyers and influence their purchase decisions?

Fast Five: Q&A with Patrice Greene on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Patrice Greene, Co-founder and President of Inverta, shares her insights on the challenges marketers face in sustaining buyer attention and how understanding what buyers want and need is an on-going process.

Fast Five: Q&A with Steve Woods on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Steve Woods, co-founder and CTO at Nudge Software and author of the book Digital Body Language, shares his insights on marketing in the Attention Economy. Hear what the co-founder of Eloqua believes marketers are getting right (and wrong) about capturing buyer attention.

3 Ways to Make Sure You’re Communicating Effectively with Your Audience

Content marketing has become a lot like sending signals into space. B2B marketers send out a continuous stream of messages, hoping that those signals will eventually be detected and interpreted as they intend (and not as an invitation to drop by and annihilate us!). Before you send your next message into the ether, here are three ways to get your message across more effectively.

Fast Five: Q&A with Scott Vaughan on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate, answers five quick questions about marketing in the Attention Economy and shares why he believes empathy and walking in your customers' shoes are the keys to holding on to buyer attention.

3 Tips Marketers Can Steal from Librarians to Make Their Content Easier to Find

If your prospects and customers aren’t reading your content because they never see it, how will that affect your content marketing ROI? Here are a few tips that marketers can learn from librarians to help them maximize their content marketing investment by turning a haphazard collection of digital files into a well-organized content library.

Video Q&A with Matt Heinz, Founder of Heinz Marketing

Matt Heinz, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing and a Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencer, recently published a new book, Full Funnel Marketing. Our own Elle Woulfe caught up with Matt via video chat to discuss the new book, which takes a refreshingly “nuts and bolts” approach to sales and marketing best practices. Here's their conversation.

Geek out with Chris Part 3: Harnessing the Binge

In the third instalment of his blog series, Chris, LookBookHQ's Demand Gen Manager and resident marketing geek, dives into the ways our marketing team is empowering our business development and sales teams using real content engagement data.

How We Built It: LookBookHQ’s First Lead Nurturing Program

Last January, LookBookHQ’s Marketing team got in a room to hatch a master plan for building our first multi-touch email lead nurture program. With limited time and resources, our goals were to leverage existing content and build the nurture one touch at a time so we could accelerate our time-to-value. Here's an inside look at what we built, how we did it and the results we’ve seen in the first six months.

What Buying a New Car Can Teach B2B Marketers about the Buyer’s Journey

When was the last time you made a major purchase like a new vehicle on a whim? Probably never right? The car purchase journey is a lot like the B2B purchasing journey. Many consumers show the same content bingeing behavior when they're self-educating and making B2B purchase decisions. Here's what shopping for a new car can teach marketers about accommodating the B2B buyer's journey.

[eBook] The Attention Economy: The Impact of Attention Scarcity on Modern Marketing

We asked a who’s who of leading B2B marketers, influencers and visionaries to discuss the impact of attention scarcity on their business, marketing strategies and day-to-day lives. Featuring contributions by thought leaders from Demandbase, Influitive, Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Vidyard and more, this new eBook is the definitive guide to marketing effectively in the attention economy. 

An Exciting Milestone: Series A Funding Announcement

Today I am pleased to announce that LookBookHQ has raised a $4M Series A round of funding led by Edison Partners, with participation from Hyde Park Ventures. This important milestone will help us to expand our content marketing automation platform and proprietary Content Science™ recommendation engine, and allow us to further innovate and bring our customers more of the world-class service they have come to expect.