Introducing Fast Five, A New Interview Series on Marketing in the Attention Economy

Recently, we curated The Attention Economy – The Impact of Attention Scarcity on Modern Marketing. In this eBook, we asked 12 modern marketers to share their best practices for winning the battle for their buyers’ limited attention. To broaden the discussion and keep the conversation going, we’re pleased to introduce a new Q&A interview series where we invite other marketing and sales leaders to answer five quick questions on marketing effectively in the Attention Economy.  

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll feature Q&As with some of the best and brightest marketing minds we know including well-known influencers like Joe Chernov and Carlos Hidalgo, as well as our own brilliant customers, on how they are earning and sustaining the attention of their busy B2B buyers.

In this video, LookBookHQ’s VP of Marketing, gets the ball rolling by introducing the new series and answering the Fast Five questions herself (I know, it’s kind of meta). So grab a coffee or tea, your trusty headphones and hit play.

Elle's Workspace
One of the questions we're asking contributors is how they combat attention scarcity in their own lives. To go along with their answers, we asked for a photo of their workspace with a caption. Here's Elle's.

Elle Woulfe's Work Space

My, ahem, workspace. Also known as the kitchen. I like to work as close to the coffee as possible. And in case you’re wondering, the number on my giant mug is my zip code. Essex, MA represent!

Elle Woulfe is a revenue-focused marketer with expertise in digital marketing and demand generation. Equal parts creative wonk and marketing nerd, she’s an expert at bringing sales and marketing teams together through shared process, goals and KPIs. As the VP of Marketing for LookBookHQ, Elle is responsible for cultivating awareness and turning interest into pipeline. A veteran in the marketing technology industry, she previously held senior demand generation roles at Lattice Engines and Eloqua. Elle is a regular speaker at industry events and a thought leader in the field of demand generation and marketing operations. She holds rather irrelevant degrees in English Literature and Religious Studies from Northeastern University.