Big Ideas

eBooks, strategy guides, surveys and infographics with the latest research on content marketing automation, engagement and how attention scarcity is changing the game for marketers.

The Attention Economy

Always-On Nurture Guide

Effective Storytelling

The New Rules of Content Engagement

What B2B Marketers can learn from Ikea

State of Content Marketing

Engagement in the Netflix Era

Welcome to the Netflix Era of Marketing


Product Info

Information on the LookBookHQ content marketing automation platform and how LookBook content experiences help marketers
sustain attention and identify sales-ready buyers.

LookBookHQ Explained

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LookBookHQ Introduction

LookBookHQ Product Overview



Practical resources, checklists, tactics and tips to help you increase engagement with your content, cultivate sales-ready buyers and fuel qualified demand.

7 Ways to Get Better Results from your Nurture Program

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Accommodating Today’s
Fast-Moving Buyers

Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


Case Studies

Real-world examples of how clients are using the LookBookHQ content marketing automation platform as an integral part of their programs to drive results.

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[Case Study]
Information & Analytics Leader

[Case Study]
IMAGINiT Technologies

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Cetera Financial Group