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eBooks, strategy guides, surveys and infographics with the latest research on content marketing automation, engagement and how attention scarcity is changing the game for marketers.


The Attention Economy


The New Rules of Content Engagement


Engagement Marketing in the Netflix Era


The Ultimate Guide to Always-on Nurturing


Welcome to the Attention Economy


What B2B Marketers Can Learn from IKEA


Welcome to the Netflix Era of Marketing


Cut Through The Noise With Effective Storytelling


The State of Content Marketing

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Why Your Website Fails Buyers

Product Info

Information on the LookBookHQ content marketing automation platform and how LookBook content experiences help marketers sustain attention and identify sales-ready buyers.

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Introduction to LookBookHQ


LookBookHQ Product Overview

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LookBookHQ 2-Page Introduction

How To's

Practical resources, checklists, tactics and tips to help you increase engagement with your content, cultivate sales-ready buyers and fuel qualified demand..


Keep Buyers Engaged with Tactics from Best-in-Class Publishers


Content Engagement Report: Q4, 2016


Accommodating Today’s Fast-Moving Buyers


LookBookHQ’s Nurture Program: The First Six Months


The B2B Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Storytelling


7 Ways to Get Better Results from your Nurture Program

Case Studies

[Case Study]

Intel Security’s Global Demand Center Nurtures at Scale

[Case Study]

Kareo Boosts Conversion Rates, Delivering More Content Per Click

[Case Study]

Qvidian: Next Gen Lead Nurturing

[Case Study]

ImaginIt Technologies: Do More With Less

[Case Study]

Cetera Financial: More, Better and Faster MQL’s

[Case Study]

Building a Behaviour Driven Nurture Program