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The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform helps B2B marketers deliver the right content to the right buyers at the right time to accelerate their purchase decisions.

Educate sales-ready
buyers faster

Educated buyers are qualified buyers. Deliver more of the content your prospects need while you have their attention.

Identify and fast-track
your best prospects

Serious buyers consume content in bursts. Track who is bingeing on your content and move them faster through the funnel.

Use Content Science™ to
maximize engagement

Automate the sequence and delivery of content into engaging, personalized experiences using LookBookHQ’s data and self-learning algorithms.



LookBookHQ customer success stories

“We have people bingeing on content, reaching AQL status. The follow-up appointments turn into really good opportunities that we can now go close.”

Edwin Van Riessen
Director, Demand Generation

Deluxe Corporation

“It’s intuitive. You can build things quickly, get to market quickly, get results quickly, optimize quickly.”

Doan Thai
Content Strategist

More Customer Stories

“They were actually consuming content a lot faster than we were delivering the email, and it was resulting in much faster acceleration down the pipeline.”

Mervyn Alamgir
Senior Director, Digital Marketing

TIBCO Software

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3 times

increase in


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2.3 times

 faster MQL



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increase in marketing’s
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Leading companies trust LookBookHQ
to achieve better marketing outcomes

LookBookHQ helps revenue-driven marketers get more value from their investments in content, channels and marketing technology.

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