3 Powerful Intelligent Content Products

Whether you want to curate an ideal content journey for your prospects or let Content Science optimize your visitors’ path through your content, LookBookHQ’s Intelligent Content Platform has you covered.


Design an ideal content journey for your prospects

LookBookHQ Target allows you to curate and deliver personalized content experiences or ‘playlists’ for known audiences. With Target, you can move your prospects through the most effective content journeys and deliver more content per click to engaged prospects who want more right now. Using Target, you can dramatically improve conversion rates across your marketing programs and identify sales-ready buyers. For defined audiences, Target is the ideal destination from any click or channel.


Deliver more content per click at scale

LookBookHQ Explore gives you the ability to quickly and easily aggregate collections of relevant content together, creating a personalized content destination for one or many buyers. Explore eliminates the need for one-off landing pages and microsites, which can take expensive designers and developers days or weeks to build. With Explore, you can deliver the right content to the right audience, accelerate engagement with that content, and collect visitor intelligence along the way.


Leave content sequencing to science

LookBookHQ Recommend is the only automated content sequencing engine that maximizes your prospects’ attention by promoting the next best content asset – wherever and whenever they engage. Using Content Science™, LookbookHQ’s proprietary machine-learning, data and algorithms, Recommend enables you to use self-learning, dynamically-generated content experiences to convert anonymous visitors to known prospects and identify what sequence of content works for your audience.

All your content in one place

The LookBookHQ Content Library enables you to easily consolidate all the content from across the web that’s important to you and your prospects – owned, earned and third-party content of any type or format – into a central repository. From the content library, you can quickly and easily drag and drop relevant content assets into focused Content Experiences.

Creating content experiences is super easy

LookBookHQ’s Content Experience configuration allow you to add and adjust different components within your content experience such as add a branded header, enable social sharing, set up time-based capture forms for conversion and configure content promoters.

Alexis Gruszczyński, Campaign Architect, TIBCO Software


“Before when people came to our website and accessed a piece of content, we didn’t have a journey for that. It was a stagnant experience. With LookBookHQ, we bring them to something that’s expansive and they can explore more if they want to.”

Alexis Gruszczyński
Campaign Architect

TIBCO Software

Add engaging content experience across all your channels

Integrating engaging content experiences into your website, display, social and other channels is as easy as providing a link or adding a few lines of simple and powerful code to your website or blog. Allow visitors to navigate through more of your content per click wherever and whenever they engage.

Convert visitors with time-based forms

Allow visitors to preview your content to get them engaged before popping a capture form. Time-based forms let you “give a little to get a little” – encouraging visitors to get hooked on your content before filling out a form to continue reading or watching. You can incorporate a form anywhere throughout your content experience. Forms can be imported from your marketing automation platform or any third-party platform.

Integrations that make your martech stack sing

LookbookHQ’s integrations encompass data, content and channels. You can integrate proprietary content engagement data to provide actionable insight into your visitors and content. You can also incorporate virtually any type of content into your LookBookHQ experiences, and publish your dynamic content experiences through a variety of channels.

Basically, we integrate with everything

In addition to our APIs, point integrations and key alliances, webhooks extend the power of LookBookHQ integration to any third-party applications in your sales and marketing stack. Transfer actionable content engagement data to outside applications in real time – the use cases are only limited by your imagination.

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