Lead Generation

Acquire net new leads and convert anonymous website visitors to known prospects

It’s one thing to serve up the right content to the right people when you know who they are, but what about anonymous visitors who have yet to raise their hand? LookBookHQ allows you to generate more qualified demand via your website, blog, display, social and other channels by ensuring visitors always see the next most relevant piece of content while you have their attention. We help you convert attention into engagement by keeping visitors reading and watching longer.

97 percent

of website visitors ignore calls-to-action and remain unknown

Source: Adobe

Lead Nurturing

Nurture prospects on their schedule, not yours

Your prospects are always self-educating, so shouldn’t you be always nurturing? Traditional scheduled or “drip” lead nurture programs deliver one piece of content then wait a week or more to deliver the next. This artificial “one-and-done” cadence is too slow to accommodate your most qualified buyers who want more information right now. With LookBookHQ, you can deliver more of the content your prospects need to self-educate on their timeline – and avoid having to re-earn their attention over and over again with your next content offer.

68 percent

of marketers said increasing conversion rates was the most important objective of lead nurturing; 59% said creating relevant content was the biggest obstacle to nurturing success.

Source: Ascend2

Account-Based Marketing

Create ABM campaigns & measure account engagement at scale

Create highly personalized, micro campaigns for ABM without the need for complicated microsites, landing pages and custom web development. The LookBookHQ Intelligent Content Platform enables ABM at scale by automating the delivery of personalized content journeys for named accounts and audiences – wherever the various contacts within a target organization click. Account-level content engagement analytics measure the volume and intensity of attention across an account, so you can zero in on accounts that are qualified and more likely to buy.

80 percent

of website visitors aren’t from accounts that are likely to buy.

Source: Demandbase

Sales Enablement

Package together the right content to support your Sales and Biz Dev teams

Package content to support your sales team (demo assets, battlecards, videos etc.) into engaging content experiences that your busy reps are more likely to read or watch – and track whether or not the content is being used. Create pre-packaged follow-up bundles to send to prospects after a sales call with information tailored to their individual interests. Consolidate all of your sales resources into a central library that reps can easily access and quickly drag and drop into customized content experiences to help prospects make an educated purchase decision faster.

60 to 70 percent

of content created by B2B
companies is never used.

Source: SiriusDecisions

Customer Retention, Cross-sell and Upsell

Keep your customers informed and coming back for more

The process of educating and nurturing doesn’t end when someone becomes a customer. LookBookHQ provides an engaging way to share the latest updates about your company, products and services. From need-to-know information about new products, features and support updates to content marketing assets that help your customers solve problems and be more effective, LookBookHQ provides an intelligent content platform for connecting with your customers via newsletters, email, social, your advocacy program and more.

the probability of selling to an existing customer.

the probability of selling to a new prospect.

Source: Marketing Metrics

Lead Scoring

Supercharge your lead scoring with real engagement data

Most lead scoring assumes that a click is the same thing as engagement, but without knowing whether someone actually read or viewed your content, you can’t score leads accurately. LookBookHQ lets you measure real content engagement and assign a strong positive score when they actually spend time with your content. By providing a definitive indicator of sales readiness, we enable you to improve lead scoring and reduce the number of “false positives” sent to sales. This means more, faster and higher quality MQLs.

of marketers indicated that leads that met their lead scoring thresholds were rated as highly qualified by sales.

Source: Demand Gen Report 2016 Lead Scoring Survey Report

Content Marketing ROI

Measure engagement and do more of what works

You spend too much time, effort and resources producing and advertising your content not to know whether it’s being read or viewed. Traditional metrics like Google Analytics only go so far in helping revenue-driven marketers measure the return on their content marketing investments. LookBookHQ post-click content engagement analytics allow you to see exactly what content your buyers are reading or watching and for how long. By measuring which of your own and third-party assets are engaging and converting buyers, you can focus your efforts and budget on doing more of what works.

of budgets are spent on content marketing but only 1/3 of marketers can articulate a concrete business impact from their content marketing efforts.

Source: CEB 2016